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Once upon a time, in a Medhangkamulan Kingdom , a king named Dewata Cengkar who was known Prabu Dewata Cengkar. A very greedy, ruthless, greedy King and also liked to eat human flesh. Because he like to eat the human flesh, so his people took turned to give him a human tribute.

A traveler whose name Aji Saka heard about the cruelty of Dewata Cengkar so he intended to stop the habit of the King. Aji Saka had 2 loyal person who named Dora and Sembada. On the way to the Medhangkamulan Kingdom, Aji Saka invited Dora, while Sembada kept Aji Saka’s scared heirloom. Aji Saka gave a message to Sembada, to not let his scared heirloom given to anyone but me (Aji Saka).

After for long time, Aji Saka arrived in Medhangkamulan Kingdom which was very quit. The people in the Kingdom was fear when out of the house, because they was fear of becoming the king food. AJI Saka went to the Castle quickly and meet the Vice Regent. He said if he was ready to become Dewata Cengkar meal.

The day came that Aji Saka will be eaten by Dewata Cengkar. Before Aji Saka was being eaten, the King always grant the 1 request from the victim.Aji Saka asked calmly for a land as wide as “syurban” her head. Hearing the request from Aji Saka, Dewata Cengkar just laughed loudly, and immediately approved it. Then, the “syurban”was opened by Aji Saka.

AJI Saka held the one of the end of Syurban, while the others held by the Prabu Dewata Cengkar. It was weird, “Syurban” turned swell so Dewata Cengkar Gods must walked backward until the edge of the South Coast. When Dewata Cengkar was on the edge of the South Coast, Aji Saka wrapped up the body of the Dewata Cengkar quickly, and kicked it up and drowned in the South Coast. Suddenly, Dewata Cengkar body turned into a white crocodile. "Because you like to eat human flesh, you deserve to be a crocodile, and a great place for a crocodile was at sea" said Aji Saka.

Since at moment, the Kingdom of Medhangkamulan was led by Aji Saka. A young wise King . Suddenly, Aji Saka remembered the sacred heirloom, and sent Dora to pick it up. Sembada would not give the it, because he remembered the message of Aji Saka. Then there was a fight between Dora and Sembada. Because it had a balance of supernatural powers, then Dora and Sembada was passed away in the same time.

AJI Saka remembered his message to sembada, soon he followed them. But it was too late, because his very loyal persons already died. To remember of both of them, Aji Saka immortalized in an Alphabet/letter sounds and writings:

The meaning of the Java script: HA Na Ca Ra Ka (ono utusan = A Messenger) Da Ta Sa Wa La (padha kekerengan = fighting each other) PA Da Ja Ya Nya (padha digdayane = have balance supernatural power) Ma Ga Ba Tha Nga (padha nyunggi bathange = sit each other when died)